How to Write IGNOU Assignments Correctly?

how to write ignou assignmentsThere are a huge number of students who are pursuing their studies from Indira Gandhi National Open University. There is one question which they usually ask i.e. how to write Ignou assignments.

Here, I will try my best to help them out in understanding how to make good and clean Ignou solved assignments. Do you want to check out assignment result also?

Whenever any students decide to make Ignou assignments, there are few questions which come immediately to their mind. Like how to write assignments? What paper should they use to make the assignment? In which format we need to make the assignment, etc.

Do we need to use the black pen or blue pen? Below, I am going to tell you the best way to make your assignment. It will apply to all the programmes such as BA, BDP, BSW, MA, MCOM, B.Ed, MBA, etc for which you need to solve the assignments write it.

The process of writing clean and well-formatted assignment will remain same for all the programmes whatever you are enrolled for.

We can divide the programmes into two sections i.e Yearly based and Semester based. In Semester wise programmes, the students need to submit the solved assignments twice in a year. In yearly based programmes, the students have to submit assignments once in a year.

The students need to submit the assignments before filling up and submitting the examination form for the required courses.

Here, we are not going to tell you how to solve the assignment. This you have to do yourself by taking the reference from study material. We will tell you how to prepare assignments correctly.We have provided the link below where you can download assignment question papers:

IGNOU Assignment Submission Guidelines, Ignou Assignment Submission Format:

The important guidelines which you should know before start writing the assignments are as follows:

  1. The student must download the correct assignment booklet from university official website. It should be valid for your admission session.
  2. To write the answers, please make sure that you are using only foolscap size paper of good quality. It should not very thin in terms of thickness. Also, all the pages should be tagged correctly.
  3. The students should leave 4 cm margin on the left, top and bottom of your answer sheet.
  4. The answers to the question should be relevant and precise. Also, you should write answers in your own words. Do not try to copy all the content from the study material provided by the university.Otherwise, it can lead to deduction of marks.
  5. It is mandatory to write the assignment answers in your own handwriting. The answers should be coherent and logical.
  6. The student should not exceed the word limit while answering the questions. It should be within the specified limit which is mentioned at end of each question.

After completing the task of writing neat and clean answers, the students have to make a front page format of the assignment.

Students can either download assignment cover page format from the internet or they can find it in the assignment booklet and make it like that. It is a mandatory page which is common for all the programmes and the related courses.

How to submit IGNOU assignments?

Now, Our IGNOU Solved assignment is ready to submit. The biggest question arises where I should submit the assignments. Should we submit it to Regional Centre or Study Centre? The answer is: we have to submit the solved assignments to the concerned study centre under which your examination centre falls.

When you go there for assignment submission, please do not forget to take the hard copy of exam form along with you if you want to submit exam form by the offline method.

The students do not require the submit the examination form along with assignments but they need it for taking the signature and stamp of the coordinator at the study centre.

Later you can visit your concerned Regional Centre to submit the filled-in examination form. The students who choose to fill Ignou online exam form do not need to take exam form along with them while submitting assignments.

Important Notes:

  • Don’t forget to take receipt of assignment submission as it could be helpful in future in case of any issues.
  • Before submitting assignments, you should take the photocopy of your assignments and retain it with you. It can help you in preparing for upcoming Term End examination as well.

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