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Calculate Ignou Passing marksCalculate Ignou Passing Marks Online:

In Ignou term end examination, the minimum passing marks require for any bachelor degree programme student to pass in any course is 36 out of 100. But if you have secured good marks in assignments, then 35 out of 100 will be also considered as passing marks. In the case of Master Degree programme, the students have to obtain a minimum of 40 marks out of 100. Same is the case with assignments as well.  Students must check Ignou grade card to know the assignments and theory marks.

Note: At the end of this post, we have provided the method to calculate combined marks of Theory as well as Term End Examination. Please note that the calculation provided below is for Master Degree Programmes. You have to follow the same calculation with the Bachelor Degree Programme but the minimum marks will change to 35 in both Theory as well as assignments.

The most common difficulty faced by the students of Indira Gandhi National Open University is to understand the evaluation and assessment system for any programme and to calculate the final Ignou Result in their grade card.

The students check their result in the grade card and find two kinds of statuses i.e. Complete and Incomplete. They even get surprised to see their result that they have been provided with Incomplete status in front of some course instead of securing good marks in assignments and fewer marks in Term End Exams.

They ask questions that why they fail instead of getting good marks in assignments. Before telling the solution to the problem I would like to mention here the reason behind not understanding the results by students.

Why students face difficulty in calculating their IGNOU Result marks in terms of Percentage?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides the Ignou prospectus to all its students so that they can read it carefully before taking admission in any programme. It contains all the required information such as programme detail, courses, Term-End Examination, Hall Ticket, Forms, Results, Evaluation System Study Material, Assignments, etc.

The prospectus is very helpful for the students during their period of study to know any information when it required. But many students ignore it after reading little information in it which results in them into a lack of knowledge about university study system, rules, and guidelines.

When they face any difficulty, they start searching all over the internet for its solution. Sometimes they get the correct information from the internet and sometimes not.

So, I would like to mention few rules and guidelines related to the evaluation system which will help the students in understanding their results. Basically, the evaluation of any course for any programme is based on two components. You must have been already familiar with these two components during your study. These are  as follows:

  • Continuous Evaluation through assignments
  • Term End Examination (TEE).

The students have to complete one Tutor Marked assignment for each course wherever it is required. The students have to submit the Ignou solved assignments to the Coordinator in their respective study centres where it will be awarded the marks by the authorized persons. For the same course, they have to appear in the Term End Examination as well.

In the final results, the assignments carry 30% weightage whereas 70% weightage has been given to term-end examination by the university. The students have passed out both the components to complete their course. So, the minimum pass percentage require passing both these components separately is 40% (‘D’ grade). Below the 40% marks in any one of the component will result in failure for that course and you will see the “Incomplete” status in the grade card.

So, next time whenever you check your grade card and find the incomplete status, just make sure that whether you have got a minimum of 40% marks in both continuous evaluation (assignments) and Term End Examination separately.

For few programmes, the university provides the Letter grade system in the grade card whereas, in some programmes, the university follows the numeric marks system. In simple ways, If your pursuing discipline has a grading system for evaluation, then you have to get at least ‘D’ grade in both assignments and TEE for each course to claim the degree certificate.

The students will be assigned the division in the final results on the basis of total marks obtained by the students in all the courses, inclusive of theory, assignments and practical components. The students will be assigned divisions as per the rules provided by the university which is as follows:

  • 60% and above First Division
  • 50% and above but below 60% Second Division
  • 40% and above but below 50% Pass
  • Less than 40% Unsuccessful

In case, if any student fails to score the minimum of 40% in both Term End Examination and assignments then he can appear in subsequent TEE for that course up to two years, the period for which his or her registration is valid. In the case of failure in assignment component, he can submit it again by making the fresh assignments.

Equivalent of IGNOU Grading System to percentage of Marks:

The Indira Gandhi National Open University uses the letter grade system for both continuous and term-end examination components for some courses. We have mentioned the equivalent of grades in term of percentage to make it easy for the students to understand their performance in the exam results. Before mentioning the equivalent percentage for grades, let’s mention what a particular grade mean. It is mentioned below:

  • A = Excellent
  • B = Very Good
  • C = Good
  • D = Satisfactory
  • E = Unsatisfactory

As we have already mentioned above, the students have to get a minimum of “D” grade in their IGNOU Grade Card to pass any course. However, while calculating the final results by adding the marks of all the courses, they must obtain the overall average to be ‘C’ grade at least for the successful completion of a course. We have mentioned below the system of converting the overall letter grades to percentage:

  • A = 80%
  • B = 60% to 79.9%
  • C = 50% to 59.9%
  • D = 40% to 49.9%
  • E = Below 40%

IGNOU Grade Card Calculator, ignou percentage calculator online, ignou marks calculator tips:

Let’s take an example to summarize all the above explanation provided by me. Suppose, I am pursuing the IGNOU BA programme and in the first semester I got 50 marks in assignments and 60 marks in theory out of a total of 100 marks in one of the courses. Then, the total marks for that course will be calculated as:

  • In the continuous evaluation of assignments: 30% of 50 which is equivalent to 15.
  • In Term End Examination: 70% of 60 which is equal to 42.

So, the total marks I get in that particular course is 15 + 42 = 57. As my marks are above 40, I will be awarded “Complete” status in the grade card.

To calculate final results, suppose we have one programme which consists of 5 courses in total. We have to get 4o% marks in each course at least to pass them. But the total of all the five courses should be 50% or above so that we will be awarded degree certificate.

I hope I am able to make you understand how we have to calculate the final IGNOU Results. In case, if you still face any difficulty in understanding the results, do not hesitate to send us an email at ignouhelp4all@gmail.com or you can comment below.


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  1. Sir,
    Myself Rajeev Kumar my Enrollment no is 148566579 student of BDP 1st yr. Only one result of EHI-1,is not declared till now.
    Sir, Plz help me.

  2. dear sir, My enrolment number is 115092365. my grade card status says that i have not completed my ehd-1 paper but as you have shown the calculations, i have cleared it. please let me know so that i can apply for my degree as all the rest papers i have completed.

    1. Hi Bhoomi, please read the article carefully. I have clearly mentioned that minimum of 40% marks are required in both assignments as well as in Term End Examination separately. your marks in EHD1 assignment is less than 40%. So, that’s why the course is incomplete.

      1. sir I got 20 marks out of 50 in my AOM1 subject am I pass??

  3. Passing marks in each subject 40
    Or Overall percentage 40 for pass in b.com

    Please let me know as soon as possible

    1. In Indira Gandhi National Open University, the learner has to obtain minimum of 40% marks in both Term End Theory Examination as well as in Assignments to pass any course or subject. But the total marks in all the courses of any programme should be 50% to obtain the degree certificate.

  4. I scored a 42 in one of my paper and got the status as completed. But i want to give the exam again. Can i do that?

  5. sapna
    dr sir i have gave the exam fst-01 bt my grade card shows me fst-01 incomplete so wt can i do plz tell me

    1. Please send your grade card or enrollment no. at ignouhelp4all@gmail.com so that i can verify the information provided by you.

  6. Sir, I am a final bcom student.. let me know how can calculate percentage with assignment Mark?? Please help me

  7. Sir if scored 45 marks in my paper and the status shows completed but i want to give the exam again…. May i do that???

  8. sir if a student has 5 subjects in f.y. if he fails to secure minimum passing marks in 4 of them does he have to repeat the entire year or he can apply simultaneously for re exam along with 2nd year.. plz help

  9. Respected sir, while filling final year exam form, by mistake i took bece 15 as one of my papers. Now not from being maths background, i have done poorly (not even chance of passing) in june 2016 exam. Is there any way to change bece 15 with any other paper. please help me sir.

  10. Sir i am pass 12 th in arts.but not clear in BA
    .i am try to exam help college.pl help.mob no 09862649698,9950114129

  11. Sir, I got 27 marks out of 100 in EEC 11 (IGNOU)..
    plz tell me I m pass or not????

    1. Sorry to say, but you did not pass the examination.

    2. fail..minimum 36 marks is required

  12. Respected Sir, I’m Rahul Saha. I’m reading in B.A. 1st year in ignou. I’ve 5 subjects. My elective course are ESO11, ESO12. And my foundation courses are BSHF101, FEG01 & FBG01. If I fail in any one subject in the Dec 16, exam, can I give re-exam of this subject in Jun 17?

    1. Hi Rahul, yes you can take re-exam in next 6 months examination.

      1. Hello sir I got 37 in theory nd 77 in assignment.. I want to know that I am passed or fail plz reply me sir

        1. If you have got 37 out of 100, then it is fail.

  13. Is it possible to score 70% and above in ignou ?
    What are the ways one can score that much marks ?
    I am pursuing BA economics.
    Kindly guide me

  14. I am student of ignou board.I have complaint to ignou board,The classes of this board is very few.we are not statisfied.And due to this every year our result was going poor.we have got 4 or 5 classes from ignou board.The syllabus of ignou board is very hard.please ,I requested to you my dear sir/madam give me more classes.

  15. @Sumit Sharma
    My TMA was of 100 marks and my TEE was of 70 marks. Of I have scored 40 in my TMA and 49 in my TEE. What will be the status of my subject?
    If I have understood correctly above all then
    30% of 40 + 70% of 49 = 46.3
    Should be my overall score. Means I scored above 40% overall including 40% min marks in each TMA and TEE.
    So my subject status should be “complete”.
    If I am wrong, please correct me.

    1. if you score 40% marks or above in both theory as well as assignments, then you are pass for any particular course.

  16. Sir, I got 37 marks out of 100 in IBO-06 (IGNOU)..
    plz tell me I m pass or not????

    1. Hi Neha, You need minimum of 40% marks in Theory as well as in assignments to complete any course. You got only 37%, so you are not able pass it. You can also check your IGNOU Grade Card to check the status of pass or fail.

  17. I would like to know whether the calculation is same for B.com (A&F) as well , where we have to write only 6 papers for the entire course. Since ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) has a MOA with IGNOU in this respect..

    1. Hi Arun, I suggest you to read out your programme guide for more relevant details. It can give you the exact information.

  18. Sir, in my ibo 2 no marks are alloted and status says incomplete.What does it mean??

    1. May be the assignment marks for IGNOU IBO-2 course is not updated on grade card or you have got less than 40% marks in Term End Examination. If you got less than 40% marks in theory exam, then it means you are not able to pass out the course.

  19. Sir,
    I have appeared for all five exam in BA-I but the results is showing only for four subjects.BPAE-102 result is not showing.
    My enrolment no. is 158326097.

    1. Hi Amit, You do not need to worry about it as the result for all the pending courses will be updated soon.

  20. Sir
    My name is Intekhab and I m m.com student though IGNOU,my enrolment no 151362926 I get my m.com 1st year result but I can’t understand is that I m pass or not.
    Plez inform me in my gmail I’d
    Thank u.

  21. I am doing IGNOU MBA & got D grade in term end Theory & C grade in Term end assignment and my status is showing as incomplete.
    Please let me know that how is this possible as I have got grater then 40% overall & this should suffice as pass or complete.

    Also let me know that whether I need to appear the Theory paper again or I need to submit the assignment only.

  22. sir,
    my roll no is 157897193.
    can you tell me if i have passed?

  23. Sir is the number given on the grade card is the combined number of assignments and theory

  24. Hi There,

    My enrollment no. is 150651894 and i have given all the 5 course exams(MEC1-MEC5),but my result card shows only 3 courses….Can you please guide/suggest me on this?

    Thanks in advance,

  25. i got TEE marks on BLIS 222 is 33 as per grade card status. please inform me whether i have passed or otherwise .

  26. hello sir….i had given 6 exams but only 5 subject’s marks are declared….. for how much i have to wait

  27. Hi
    Shailendra B.A stdnt i just want to know how many subjects i can give improvement exam
    I scored 49percent

  28. Hello sir,
    This is Grish I want to ask you how much remarks required for passing in BDP.
    How much marks required in 50 for passing in BDP

  29. Dear Sir,
    Iam Lokesh. I have attempted IGNOU Term end exams (BCOMAF) in this Jun 2016. I have scored 22 in AED01 in TTE. I have scored 59 in AED01 assignment. Still it shows ‘NOT COMPLETED”. Here is my enrollment Number 151803604. Please answer my Query.

  30. Sir! I’m Prerna BCOM 1st year student. I havn’t got my assignment marks yet. Would you please help me out in this matter? I really need to know my assignment marks. Please do reply!

  31. Sir i got 30 marks on eso15 but assignment is not updated on grade card.can i will pass pass eso15 if i got a good marks on assignment .plz help me
    Mu mob-8876365929

  32. Sir, i am B.A. 3rd year history hons. Student but my 1st year’s assignment marks of EHI-02 is not added yet. Should i submit the assignmet again?

  33. Sir, my Enrollment no. is 146933506 and Course code is MSO. I have got 36 marks in MSOE-02 and the Status is shown as ‘Not Completed’. Whether I have not got passing marks. Then what is the passing Marks for my abovesaid Course/programme

  34. Sir, I have done 2 year programme of Diploma in Education (Regular) from MP Board. I am B.A.(Sociology) from IGNOU and doing MA (Sociology) from IGNOU, wherein in only on subject is not completed yet for which I will be appeared in December, 2016 TEE.
    Whether I am eligible for admission in B.Ed. course of IGNOU.

  35. dear,
    sir,my enrolment no.-146875260, i have deposited my BSHF-101 assignment at the study center on exact time,but marks is not showing in grade card.please tell something ,what i am do?

    1. Hi Gourav, I have checked your IGNOU Assignment submission status. But I do not find the BSHF-101 assignment there. So, in this case you have to visit your respective IGNOU Study Centre with the proof of assignment submission to enquire about it.

  36. hello sir
    i want to know about the grace marks criteria in msc. dfsm programme TEE of ignou.

  37. Sir, I have done 2 year programme of Diploma in Education (Regular) from MP Board. I am B.A.(Sociology) from IGNOU and doing MA (Sociology) from IGNOU, wherein in only on subject is not completed yet for which I will be appearing in December, 2016 TEE.
    Whether I am eligible for admission in B.Ed. course of IGNOU.

  38. Sumit sir
    I have asked 2 queries from you. You are requested to kindly guide me in respect of the queries made earlier which are mentioned above
    Sarita Gautam

  39. Sir I have secured 33 marks in one of the mcom papers. Am I pass in that subject ??

    1. Hi Himanshu, You have to obtain minimum of 40% marks to pass out any course in IGNOU M.Com programme.

  40. 33 marks in term end theory that is

  41. Sir ,, I gave in june 16,, I got
    Ass. Theory.
    Che05 62 32 Not Completed
    Feg01 78 64 Completed
    Feg02 72 46 Completed
    Fst01 58 48 completed
    Lse01 70 28 Not Completed
    Lse02 73 80 Completed
    Lse03 70 36 Completed

    I want to ask that I m passed in assignments?, , & for Not Completed courses what should I do?…..

    Please help…


    1. Hi Hammad, it looked like as per your marks that you have passed out all the assignments but the theory marks are less than the required minimum marks. You are not able to pass out Che05 and Lse01 courses because you did not obtain the minimum marks.

  42. Hi sir
    I m sarfaraz my course is bsc
    My 5 subject is incompleted so m i appeared to 2nd year and how to complete my subjects.

  43. dear sir ,
    i have given exam in june 2016 for second year BDP, all theory marks has come but none of the assignments marks is showing in grade card, my enrollment no is 147475562, by what time should i wait for assignments marks. also i have not cleared the EHI 7 theory paper should i have to wite the assighments again, please guide

  44. Sir my BA 1st year result EHI1 not completed June 2016 enl no 156981574 which date updated my mobile number 9811097887

  45. sir, one of my students doing m.com 1st year. she has completed in all papers except one. roll. no 159812375. june 2016. in one paper she got 70% in assignment and theory 34. the she gets 21 in assignment and 24 in theory. if take all papers she scored 55%. whether she can get / request for grace marks. or she can apply for revaluation or she can write december 16/ jan2017 exam. ? request for an reply. thanks

    1. She must apply for IGNOU Revaluation if she had written good answers but got less marks. Otherwise, she can appear in December examination for that course.

  46. dear sir ,
    i have given exam in june 2016 for 1st year BDP, all theory marks has come but none of the assignments marks is showing in grade card, my enrollment no is 156020238, by what time should i wait for assignments marks. should i have to wite the assighments again, please guide

    1. Hi Mala, all your assignments has been received but they are in process. The detail has been mentioned below:

      Assignment BSHF101 Jun-2016 Received and in-Process
      Assignment ECO01 Jun-2016 Received and in-Process
      Assignment ECO02 Jun-2016 Received and in-Process
      Assignment EEC11 Jun-2016 Received and in-Process
      Assignment FEG02 Jun-2016 Received and in-Process

      1. but i submitted 6 assignments but there is detail about 5 only
        whem marks of the assignments will be updated

        1. In this case, you need to visit the IGNOU Study Centre with the proof of assignment submission and request them to update marks.

          1. why i cant see my grade card….its showing enrollment no not found….my enrollment no is 156020238

  47. Dear sir,
    My enrolment no.is 159982954 and I submitted my assignment fst-01in study centre but in my grade card there is no marks given for it please help me and give information about it

  48. hello sir
    dis is ninkey meg student enrollment number 159616199,i want to know “incomplete” status in my grade card,,i have got marks for assignments but did nt appear for exams,,i want to know whether i should submit assignments again or appear for exams only?

    1. Hi Ninkey, If you are pass in assignments, then you do not need to submit again.

  49. hi sir,
    my enrollment number is -159709088
    program – M.com 1st year
    my grade card shows for IBO-03 AND IBO-05 marks as 89 for assignment and 28 for theory … and incomplete status in front of them… but as per calculations mentioned above – 30% of 89 is 26.70 and 70 % of 28 is 19.60 …. so total is 19.60 + 26.70 = 46.30 marks … so why does the status show as incomplete ? please help

    1. Hi Radhika, You are not understanding the calculation correctly. For M.Com programme, you have to score the minimum of 40% marks in both assignments and theory examinations separately. you have got only 28 marks in theory paper which is less than 40%. That’s why the status is showing incomplete.

    2. Ur result is incomplete. Maine dekh liya. 2 subject mai tere 28 marks aaye hai.

  50. sir what is procedure of lab courses?

  51. Namastey sir,
    I m bachelor of art(BDP) student.my result is=
    CourseCode Assignment Term EndTheory Status
    BPSE212 – 42 status Not Completed
    BSHF101 – 35 status Not Completed
    EPS11 – 35 status Not Completed
    FEG1 64 50 status Completed
    FEG2 70 36 status Completed
    …..sir,above result is of my1st YEAR BA I gave exam indec 2015 my admission yearis jan 2015.
    Sir pls tell me in which subject I m failed andfor which subject i havere submit assignment……alsoassignmentquestion is of previos or new (latest) assignmentquestion??????plssss sir???give me advice….myenrollment no is 150824146

  52. Hello Sir iwant ot know the passing critaria and in how many exam i have cleared my details are:
    Enrolment Number: 159918450
    Program: BLIS
    Course Code Marks/Grade Max. Marks
    BLI221 13 70 0616 12/8/16
    BLI222 22 70 0616 6/9/16
    BLI223 35 70 0616 22/8/16
    BLI224 4 35 0616 12/8/16
    BLI225 25 70 0616 12/8/16
    BLIE226 34 70 0616 12/8/16
    BLIE227 17 70 0616 29/8/16
    BLIE228 30 70 0616 22/8/16
    BLIE229 14 35 0616 12/8/16

  53. Sir you are saying that 40% is the mininum passing marks but at the website it is written as

    “In IGNOU Term End Examination, the minimum passing marks requires for any bachelor degree programme student to pass in any course is 36 out of 100. But if you have secured good marks in assignments, then 35 out of 100 will be also considered as passing marks. In case of Master Degree programme, the students has to obtain minimum of 40 marks out of 100. Same is the case with assignments as well. ”

    So i am bit confuse that the passing percentage is 35% or 40% please clarify

    1. It is clearly mentioned that for bachelor degree programme it is 35 or 36% depending upong how good you secure in assignments. And for master degree programme it is 40%.

      1. hi sir my program is bdp enrollment no.147105323 my second year subject ESO14 shows 35 marks in term end exam and assignment status of this subject is blank and infront of this (not completed) is written so, sir plz explain is this subject completed or not completed since i have submitted assignment of this subject(ESO14)

  54. Hi sir,
    My B.Ed final % is 74%. What is the total marks & how much i scored. The total is not printed on the grade card. My employer is asking me to give details as those are not available in the marksheet.

  55. Hello sir,
    I am doing BDP – BA. taken addmission in jun 2013 but after that not given any exam. jun 2015 i started 1st year exam ,If any subject not completed in 6 year then ??? I have to take again addmission and apper all subject which i already cleared .

  56. Sir maine June 2016 mai 3rd year ka exam diya tha usme mai mera result cte-3 subject mai 23 marks mile hai and status incomplete dikha rha hai aur ek mera subjecte hai ahe-3 jisse assignment ke alava ek project hai jo ki maine submit kiya tha with all assignment pr us project ka status bhI incomplete dikha rha haI.ab mujhe a age kya krna hai ye pta nhi chl rha ignou mai koi clear answer. Nhi milta. Sir can you help me .

  57. Dear sir,
    Doubt in AED-01 and ECO-13.
    These question papers show Max. Marks as 50. How will the correction or marking schema be? How is the pass % calculated in this case?

  58. Sir, I am Ruchika pursuing BSc Major in Mathematics from IGNOU.I want to know that “Can I use calculator in my TEE’s ? “

  59. I want to ask that. To pass BA 1st year how many subject I have to pass ( out of 5 subject)

  60. Dear Sir,

    my enrollment number is -156049949
    program –b.com 2nd year
    my grade card shows for bshf101marks as 79 for assignment and 32 for theory … calculations mentioned below –
    30% of 79 is 23.70 and 70 % of 32 is 22.40 …. so total is 46 marks … please let me know I have passed or not ,please help

  61. Dear sir,
    My enllorment no is 161539307.
    Programme BA 3 y
    Sir, why show only three subjects results? Instead of five subject.

  62. Sir , please help me. My name is suraj. And my enrollment no. Is 161485473. But mere 1 subject bpc 3 mai 40 marks aaye hai. But not complete likha hua hai. Sir please help me. Because 40% se less ho to aana chahiye but mere to 40 marks hain.

  63. Sumit sir,
    Myself Vishvendra Singh , My Enrlment no. 15262540
    In 1st year BA, I completed all the papers but in 2nd year in eso13 I am given only 35 marks in theory which is not cceptable according to my written exam. I want to know that can I appear the same sub in jun 17 session for improvement weather it is completed with good Assignment marks which are still pending..

  64. Sumit sir,
    Myself Vishvendra Singh , My Enrlment no. 152625404
    In 1st year BA, I completed all the papers but in 2nd year in eso13 I am given only 35 marks in theory which is not cceptable according to my written exam. I want to know that can I appear the same sub in jun 17 session for improvement weather it is completed with good Assignment marks which are still pending..

  65. Dear sir . Can I attend the same sub in next term end exam if I scored low marks. Plg tell sir. Even its showing completed with gud marks in Assignment but I want to improve the particular sub marks.

  66. sir I am a BA english student having enrollment no- 125611981. I have got 48 marks in the assignment of ANC-01. in theory I have got 57. now can you clear me whether i have passed in the assignment or i have to submit the assignment again?
    and is there any practical exam for ANC-01? please help me to clear it.

  67. Sir,
    Shall be grateful, regarding I have appeared first year exam under BA course. I have getting the marks all subject as 229 out of 400 marks.
    Hence, I want to know that above mentioned marks included subjects and assignments and also I may please be answer total no. of marks in first year exam for BA course.

  68. Hi,

    Actually i don’t understand i am pass or fail in my exam. I am BCOMAF student which is 1 year course. I Completed status in every subject so this means i am passed in all subject ?

  69. Sir, I have submitted all my assignment papers to my study center but in my grade card, assignment marks for mhi03 is not shown and the status is not completed. Can u please help me check out. Enrollment no.150966321

  70. If I score zero in assignments and 50 marks in theory for MEG , I’m pass or fail?

    1. You will be considered as fail as you need to pass out assignments as well.

  71. Hi My name is Ankur and I am BTS student , I have scored 56 in TS5 assignment and 40 in Term end Exam so i am pass or fail ???

    1. You are pass.

  72. Sir my grade card show only two subject is completed,but I don’t know how much marks I got in exam.

  73. Sir , I am a student of M.A(Education)
    In TEE I got D grade and in assignment I got C grade .But status is showing incomplete .
    What does it mean sir? I am confused .Can you guide me by giving your valuable suggestion?
    I am waiting for your kind reply!!!!!

  74. My enrolment no is 160459436. In two subjects status is showing incomplete. I want to know I am passed or not because my total marks are above of 40%. If I fail, please say the procedure of back exam.

  75. And please also clear that if I fail two subject, will I give all subjects repeat exam in Dec 2017 or only two subjects.

  76. Dear sir,
    My enrollment no.is 157636758.and I appeared for m.com December exam 2017. The marks is out of only 4 paper and 2 paper “MCO 01, MCO 04 “showing in completed status so I am surprise about this because I can’t expect for getting back.so plz help me to know the marks of these two subjects MCO 01 and MCO 04

    Thank you!
    Jipsa chaurasia

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