Master Certification – The Rising trend among Business Professionals

Master Certification from IIBM

Earn your Master Certification while still working? Our flexible part-time Certification allows you to maintain your current career path while earning your Certification, hands-on experience you can immediately apply in your career. IIBM Institute offers Master Certification resources for you to learn about the many jobs available to professionals. What kind of contact does IIBM […]

IIBM Institute of Business Management Tie Up With TÜV SÜD South ASIA Pvt. Ltd For Global Exposure in Online Education

IIBM Institute of Business Management Tie Up With TÜV SÜD South ASIA Pvt. Ltd For Global Exposure in Online Education

In this era of Globalization when the world has become a Global Village, we feel that Indian students should get global exposure in online education so that they become abreast of the latest technological development of the world. We strongly believe that Collaboration of We strongly believe that Collaboration of IIBM Institute of Business Management with […]

6 Benefits of Mint Leaves for health

benefits of mint leaves

Benefits of Mint leaves – The Mint leaves are used by people at home in making tea and various sauces in various countries all over the world. The mint is a perennial, aromatic herb which is used in preparing many foods and medicines. More than two dozen species and hundreds of varieties of mint are found in different parts […]

Ignou Interactive Radio Counseling (IRC) on Gyanvani Delhi

ignou radio channel Gyan Vani

Ignou Interactive Radio Counseling (IRC)- The Indira Gandhi National Open University has resumed the broadcast of Gyanvani Delhi w.e.f from January 11, 2017. The broadcast is on air from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm at 105.60 MHz on FM band To help all its students, the university has decided to start Interactive Radio Counseling (IRC) session on […]

Ignou Assignment Submission Status

check here Ignou assignment submission status

IGNOU Assignment Submission Status In this section, students will able to check Ignou assignment submission status for various programmes such as BDP, BA, B.Sc., B.Com, BCA, B.Ed, BTS, BSW, MTM, MA, M.Sc., M.Com, MCA, MSW, MBA, Diploma, Certificate, Bachelor Preparatory, etc. The assignments are an integral part of all the programmes and their related courses. Because these constitutes 30% […]


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