The Next Generation of Cars – Hybrid, Green, Solar, Electric

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People are highly passionate for cars now a days. Each and every new car in the market is highly awaited. But increasing pollution now a days with the use of petro vehicles has become a major concern for everyone. That’s why “Hybrid Cars” are launched in the market to overcome the fear of this devil.

Green cars or Hybrid cars are more environment friendly compared to the conventional cars. The way the car is fueled helps determining whether it is green car or not.  Hybrid cars have more than one source of power for its movement. It has an electric combustion engine and an electric motor. There are other sources of power as well like radio waves, electromagnetic fields, hydrogen, and liquid nitrogen. There is a range of green cars available in the market today. Any car with less than 100 g/km CO2 emission is considered to be a green car. Another way to tell whether the car is eco-friendly or not is by looking at tax band. The lower the band the better is the car. These cars play a vital role in contributing to the sustainable environment.

Hybrid Cars: Hybrid-gas electric cars comprise of an electric motor and rechargeable batteries. It increases the efficiency by 50% and reduce the emissions. Hybrid cars are a little costlier than the conventional cars due to batteries and other systems. Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Prius and more than 55 models will be available for hybrid cars in coming 5 years which will be launched by Nissan, and Maruti Suzuki etc.

Plug-In Hybrid Cars: These are similar to the conventional Hybrid cars as these also use a gasoline engine as well as an electric motor. The usage of larger battery packs makes these cars slightly different from Hybrid cars. This can be charged by connecting to a common household electricity. Their additive advantage is that these can be driven for long distances as much as upto 40 miles without making use of the gasoline. The first mass produced plug-In hybrid was “Chevy Volt”. Skoda VisionS concept SUV has been revealed on 1st March and there are still lots more to launched by Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and others.

Electric Cars: An electric car is powered exclusively by electricity and not like the hybrid car which is fueled by gasoline and uses a battery and motor. Electric cars are highly preferred as they do not produce any tailpipe emissions, reduce our dependency on oil and are cheaper to operate. These also have lower maintenance cost since they have fewer moving parts and systems. Their driving range vary between 60-120 miles but cost is the biggest concern with these cars. Mahindra e20 is the first automatic and electric car with revolutionary technology in Indian market. Chevrolet Volt is another car which is capable of creating its own electricity.

Solar Cars: These are powered completely by direct solar energy. Solar cars contain solar panels having photovoltaic cells which convert Sun’s energy directly into electric energy.  The first solar family car was built in 2013. Mahindra e20 is a solar powered car in India, Servee is the famous prototype of solar car proposed in the market by engineering students.

India is also entering in the green automobile market as it is both eco-friendly as well as pocket friendly. A no of choices are available in the market today for green cars so hurry up choose the best one suiting you and contribute to the “green earth” mission with your “green car”.

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