Why to use Panic Button for Mobile Handsets?

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Mobile Phone now a days seems to be the most effective and powerful device to be used for security purposes. Mobile are widely used by everyone. Even the technical era has led to the emergence of the need of smartphones rather than only mobile phones. So why not a smartphone should be made smarter?? Yes it should be. So engineers have developed a special display button in smartphones which will help us specially women in making them feel secure and protected. This is a single key Panic Button to connect to the nearest redressal agency.

The Government of India has strictly announced non-selling of any device without panic button from next year. This step has been taken considering the security of women at the first priority. Whenever you smell some sort of insecurity around you, you are supposed to press that panic button. In featured phones, keys 5 and 9 when pressed will alert local law enforcement to an emergency under the new policy. Smartphones will be featured with an “emergency” button which will be displayed on home screen. Also some smartphones will be provided with new feature that alerts law enforcement on pressing the On/Off button three times in succession.

Which company would connect the emergency number dialed from the panic button has not been specified yet. It is one the most awaited decisions of the Indian government which will help reducing the crime to a limit. The need of this kind of technology was felt more after the gang rape case of 2012 in which a woman died on a bus. As India has become the world’s major market and has quickly become a battleground for almost all big smartphone maker including Apple. All companies will be selling their phones equipped with so called “Panic Button” in the market from net year but a company like Apple will follow the same is hard to predict. Also from successive year after making the panic button functional, mobile phones will be forced to have a built-in GPS.

Now comes a question whether this will be really fruitful? The market is already full of a no of such apps which ensure the safety of women by sending some distress signal to their family and friends relying on GPS. But many of the women even don’t know about the availability of any of such app in the market. So it is foolish to expect their proper usage and even harder to wait for the results and responses of these apps. As we know only high class and middle class women can afford buying a smartphone. For a woman belonging to the lower level or below average level, it is hard to manage to even purchase a simple mobile phone. How will this panic button be effective then? Also a quick responding concerned authority to be connected with a unified helpline will be required. Otherwise one can pressing the panic button all day long.

As there are so many emergency numbers already present in India like 100(Police), 101(Fir brigade), 102(Ambulance) then why add some more to it? This new feature will be not more than a waste if no response is provided at a single click of the button.  Let’s wait and watch how effectively this new idea will be practiced. Fingers crossed!……

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