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6 Benefits of Mint Leaves for health

benefits of mint leaves
Written by Sumit Sharma

Benefits of Mint leaves – The Mint leaves are used by people at home in making tea and various sauces in various countries all over the world. The mint is a perennial, aromatic herb which is used in preparing many foods and medicines.

More than two dozen species and hundreds of varieties of mint are found in different parts of Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. It is also available in hybrid form as well.

The well know example of hybrid mint is Peppermint which is the cross between watermint and spearmint. It is now cultivated in many regions around the world.

The mint has great health benefits as its extracts are used to prepare various medicines for health benefits. Due to its medicinal properties, this herb has been used by Hakims, Vaidya, and Doctors for hundreds of years to treat various diseases.

The mint leaves are green in color and you can find it planted in many households of Indian families. It’s scientific name is Mentha and it is also used as a mouth and breath freshener.

Today, you can find many products on the market containing mint as a base ingredient in them such as chewing gum, toothpaste, inhalers, etc.

Most of us are not aware of the healthy benefits of mint so we have mentioned below few benefits of mint for our health.These are mentioned below:

Appetizer: It is a very good appetizer which results in good digestion. It soothes the stomach in case of pain, indigestion or inflammation. Drinking the tea containing mint helps to overcome all the basic problems related to stomach and you will feel relieved.  The drinking tea containing the mint also helps in reducing the pimples from the skin.

Relief from fatigue: If you are feeling fatigue in your legs then you try very basic practice using the mint. You need to add few drops of peppermint oil in a tub full of water. Put your legs in it and you will feel relief from fatigue earlier caused to you.

Disinfectant: It is also a very good disinfectant as well. If you spray the mint oil all around your house, you can easily get rid of the flies, mosquitoes, ants, or any other pests who creates problems in daily life.

Controls the Blood Pressure: It is very helpful in maintaining the blood pressure at normal level as it keeps the check on both upper and lower B.P.

The person suffering from high BP should be given mint without sugar and salt whereas the person suffering from low blood pressure should be given the mint in the form of sauce or rock salt, adding black pepper and raisins in it.

Good for Stomach: Peppermint is an organic medicine to treat many diseases related to the stomach. If people want to keep the stomach diseases away from them, they should consume mint in some form.

e.g. You should take the juice of fresh mint leaves with lime juice and honey in equal proportion to relieve yourself from stomach diseases.

Reduce Pimples: You can grind some mint leaves and add 2-3 drops of lemon juice into it. Use this mixture on the face and keep it for a while.

After that, you can wash the face with cold water. This remedial process heals the acne and brings more shine to the face.

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