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Distance MBA Learning in India

Distance MBA Education India
Written by Sumit Sharma

Distance MBA or Distance education is highly popular among the learners in India and abroad nowadays. As its name suggests is does not require the person to be physically present in the classes to get the education.

Out of all the distance courses, the MBA distance learning is the most popular and trending because people in this speedy world have no time to study and take degrees by going to colleges. Also, the increase in job opportunities in the management sector has given a boost to distance learning in India.

Nowadays, almost all the universities are offering distance learning to the students present globally. All the institutes and universities offering admission to the management programme have their separate course curriculum and examination patterns which vary slightly.

While offering admission, there are some institutes which conducts the entrance test while few offers direct admission.

Exam Pattern:

Generally, exams are conducted twice a year like all other regular degree courses. There is a semester wise examination pattern in which exams are conducted in the months of May-June and December-January. Few institutes conduct the online examination whereas in few universities exams are conducted on physical answer sheets. Students can give exams from any of the examination centres nearest to them.

Syllabus and Faculty:

All distance MBA institutes provide online notes and guides to the students so that they can enhance their managerial skills. Also, online teaching is provided to the students. Special doubts classes are also conducted so that students can get their queries resolved easily. Online tutors help students study well and enhance their knowledge.

Duration of Programme:

Generall, Distance MBA course is of 2 years duration. But there are few distance learning universities in India which have a minimum duration of the programme as more than two years.The first year is general and the second year has specialization. In Indira Gandhi National Open University, the minimum duration of MBA is 2.5 years.

Distance MBA Fee Structure:

The distance learning in India costs much cheaper than the regular degree or master degree course. The distance MBA fee structure depends upon the institute and it can vary slightly. At the minimum, it may cost around INR 25000 per year inclusive of study material.

Studying the management programme via distance education mode seems to be the best option for those who are not in a situation of quitting their present profession to pursue their MBA education under regular mode.The career opportunities for the students pursuing this course is same as for the regular course. Many MNC’s have opened their gates for Distance MBA degree holders.

Hence it is cheap, worth and an excellent option to get MBA degree and master your business knowledge. It also gives you an opportunity to get admission in any institute present around the world without being physically present at that particular place.

We have mentioned below list of top distance learning universities in India. These are as follows:

So, friends you need not worry at all about getting your masters done. Go for Distance MBA course from any institute you like. Live your dreams and fly high. Keep reading my section for more updates.

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