Experiences of a PTE Exam Topper

Experiences of a PTE Exam Topper
Written by Sumit Sharma

Experiences of a PTE Exam Topper

Many people consider the PTE Academic exam to be one of the toughest exams in the world. It might be for some. But those who prepare hard and with full focus can easily score a 90 in it. This is the experience of Ravi Tanjea, who recently scored a 90 in all modules of PTE. The thing that helped him the most was practicing with high quality PTE Mock Tests. He has some others words of advice for you!

First, be clear about your target score. If you just need to get 65 then aiming for 79 will only frustrate you. It is not worth that extra effort. Your target score will determine your plan. Without a plan you are like a person who has set on a journey without a destination.

Second, be realistic about what you can achieve. If in your last PTE exam you scored 48 then you can no way score 79 in a month’s time. You will come across people who will promise you tips and tricks to crack PTE but that is only a way to waste your time and extract your money. Don’t fall for such promises. There is no substitute for hard work.

Third, you must be ready to spend some money. It is sad to see how foolish some people are when it comes to this. They spend 300-400 dollars each month to sit for the PTE exam, but then do not spend even 50 dollars on buying a book or taking an online course for PTE. Don’t be foolish. Free materials on the Internet can only help you so much. Think about how much time you will waste going through poor study materials.

Last but not the least, you must practice, practice and practice. And for practice there is nothing better than scored mock tests from a trusted website like Sure Way English. Get hold of as many practice tests as you can and go for it.

Change Your Life With PTE academic Exam

All said and done, PTE academic is an exam which can change your life. So, it is only right that you work hard for it. Australian immigration is constantly making it harder for people to come and settle in Australia. Very soon the language requirement will become even harder. So, while the PTE is still a young exam, it is a golden chance for you to meet your target score.

In the coming months and years, there is every indication that PTE academic will become as tough as IELTS. Then you will only look back and wish that you had cleared this goal while there was a window of opportunity.

So, get up and make your mind to crack PTE in the next thirty days.

Make a plan and decide on your target score.

Seek help of experts if needed to understand where you are currently and what you need to go from there to your target goal.

Buy some books and sign up for a proper PTE course. Promise yourself that you will not treat yourself to cheap garbage materials on the Internet.

If you do that and put in some hard work and dedication you too will be a PTE champion in no time.

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