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IGNOU BDP Foundation Courses – (BA/ B.Com/ B.Sc.)

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The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers admission to its Bachelor Degree Programmes (BDP) such as Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) twice in a year i.e in the January and July academic cycles. All the disciplines which comes under the category of Bachelor Degree Programmes has two things common between them i.e the foundation courses and application oriented courses. Here we have provided the list of foundation courses which comes under the BDP.

It is compulsory to complete total of 24 credits in foundation courses for all the IGNOU BDP students where they need to complete 16 credits in 1st year and eight credits in 2nd year. Without completing the foundation courses worth 24 credits, the students will not be awarded with bachelor degree certificate.

IGNOU BDP (BA/ B.Com/ B.Sc.) Foundation Courses

Course Code Title of the Course Credits

Compulsory Courses

BSHF-101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8
FST-1 Foundation Course in Science & Technology 8
FEG-1 Foundation Course in English-1 4
FHD-2 Foundation Course in Hindi-2 4

Optional Courses (Choose any one)

FAS-1 Assamese 4
FBG-1 Bengali 4
FEG-2 English 4
FGT-1 Gujarati 4
BHDF-101 Hindi 4
FKD-1 Kannada 4
FML-1 Malayalam 4
FMT-1 Marathi 4
FOR-1 Oriya 4
FPB-1 Foundation Course in Telugu 4
FTM-1 Tamil 4
FTG-1 Telugu 4
FUD-1 Urdu 4
BSKF-1 Sanskrit 4
BBHF-1 Bhojpuri 4
BMAF-1 Maithilee 4
Total Credits 24


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