IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2018-19

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2018-19

It is mandatory to submit IGNOU solved assignments 2018-19 by the students for various courses of BA, BDP, B.Ed, B.Sc., MCA, M.Com, etc who are pursuing any of these programmes from Indira Gandhi National Open University.The university provides the assignment questions of various programmes and courses such as Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Diploma, Certificate, Bachelor Preparatory,etc. on its official website at www.ignou.ac.in.

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Students can download IGNOU assignments 2018-19 for different disciplines such as BDP, Bachelor of Arts(BA), B.Sc., BCA, B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed, M.Ed, BSW, BBARL, MARD, MEG, MA, MADE, MHI, MSO, MPA, MAPC (MA Psychology), MTM, MAPY, MSW, BTS, EPA, EPS, MCA, MBA, MES, etc.

The university upload the assignment questions in the form of a separate booklet for the required programmes where each assignment is valid for one whole year or two admission cycles i.e January and July.

In case if any student obtains the ‘D’ grade in the Term-End Examination and fails, then he or she will be eligible to reappear in the next Term-End Examination for that course.

In case, if the student has obtained ‘D’ grade in an solved IGNOU assignment as well as the term-end examination of any course, then he or she have an option either to re-do assignment or re-appear in term-end examination for the course.

Download IGNOU Assignments 2018-19

The Open Distance learning (ODL) university upload new assignment question booklets on its official website at www.ignou.ac.in once or twice in a year based on different programmes.

The new assignments are uploaded once on the website for the programmes which follows the year based approach whereas the assignment questions are uploaded twice in a year for the disciplines which follow the semester system approach.

We have provided the link below to download the latest IGNOU Assignments:

Importance of IGNOU Solved Assignments

The IGNOU Assignments are officially known as Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA). These are very much an important part of the curriculum of any programme and its related courses.

The IGNOU Solved assignments constitute 30% weightage of total marks allotted to any course whereas theory part constitutes remaining 70% marks. So, it becomes very important for students to take the assignments seriously and submit the IGNOU solved assignments before the last date of submission.

The student should make the neat and clear assignments so that it can be checked easily. It will help them in obtaining good marks or grades in their assignment work.The students who have to appear in the June examinations, the last date for submission is 31st March for most of the courses and the students who have to appear in the December Term End Theory examination the last date is 30th Sept.

The accurate last date of submission of assignments can be checked on the assignment question booklet. Before submitting the assignments, the students need to make the IGNOU assignment front page in the format specified by the university in the prospectus.

The assignment work helps the students to prepare the students for the Term End Examination as well because while making the IGNOU Solved Assignments, the students need to study their books or study material. So, while making assignments, the students prepare themselves for exams by practising the syllabus.

The IGNOU Tutor Marked Assignments are the best tools for the students to obtain extra marks for their related course. Also, without passing out in assignments, the students will not be assigned the degree certificate instead of clearing all the theory examinations.

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How to prepare IGNOU Solved Assignments?

The students have to thoroughly read out the IGNOU study material blocks and also the reference books to complete their assignment task. Many students are able to solve the IGNOU assignments easily by their own but there are few students who do not have enough time or who is not able to understand the questions find it tough for themselves to solve the questions.

Such students start getting worried about it and take too much tension. It is advised to all such students that they should visit their respective study centres and discuss their problem with the Programme Coordinators assigned for the particular programme.

Guidelines for Submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments

The university has defined the certain guidelines and instructions for students to submit their assignment work. Please read them carefully before making and submitting the solved assignments. Ignoring it may result in loss of marks to the students.

The students can read out all the instructions for submission of assignments in the Handbook and Prospectus which they must have obtained during the admission process.

We have mentioned below few of the instructions which are as follows:

  • The students can submit the assignments only if their registration for that course (subject) is valid. Otherwise, it will be rejected.
  • Before submitting the assignments to the concerned authorities in the study centre, it is necessary for the students to make sure that they have mentioned their details such as Enrolment No. (it consists of 9 digits), Name, Course Code, and Course Title, Semester/year, wherever applicable, and Study Centre Code correctly on it.
  • To appear in the IGNOU Term End Examination, it is mandatory to submit the solved assignments within due dates at their respective study centres. The students can find the dates prescribed on their assignment booklet. The assignments submitted late by the students will be rejected and they will be barred to appear in the examination for that related course.
  • In case, if any student is not able to complete the course in the first attempt, he or she may choose to either appear
    in the term end examination or made the assignments again and submit it again for that course.
  • If the students have secured the minimum qualifying score in any course (subject) then he is not allowed to submit the assignment again to improve the score
  • Please make sure you do not submit the answer in the IGNOU Solved assignment twice either at the same Study Centre or at different Study Centres for evaluation.

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