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Weighty Issues: Obesity rising despite the efforts to curb it.

health issues caused by weight gain, health issues related to obesity, impact of obesity on health, problems with obesity, how to deal with weight issues, how to get rid of obesity, how to deal with weight gain: With over 23% of the total population below poverty line in India, obesity should seem like a distant issue but it is astonishing to note that India is the third most obese country in the world. It is very damp to relate obesity to a country where so many people die of not having anything to eat.

There are many issues that are associated with weight gain and unhealthy living:

Consumption of Junk Food:  With the changing lifestyle of people their eating habits are also changing. More and more people are these days dependent on junk food as either because of their busy schedule or easy money. People take easy way out to cooking healthy for themselves. With socialisation also comes social vices. A party without alcohol and smoke is hardly seen these days which further put us to health risks while increasing the obesity issue. It is very essential to keep a check on what we eat so that we are able to live healthy and strong. We should not forget that the greatest wealth is health itself and we should take appropriate measures to check the same.

Lack of exercise: Technology has its own bane and boons. While bringing easy to our lifestyles it has also proven to have reduced our efficiency to work and play. We cannot deny the fact that when we didn’t had enough knowledge of computers or ps4’s and xbox’s our kids were more into physical games thus keeping them at bay from all these health issues. Now all that a kid wants to do is have a tub of pop-corn and a couple of friends around playing computer games. Not just kids even adults go through a similar kind of lifestyle.

Earlier when our main occupation was agriculture the youth wanted to work on fields and sweat and now with so many technical fields available around people sit for hours on there desks and work on their screens thus lack of exercise showing adverse effect on their health.It is important for every being to have some minimum daily dose of exercise. Exercise not only keeps you healthy but also boosts your energy level which is visible in your efficiency towards work.

Easy Bariatric Surgery options: In a country where people believe in face value more than anything else, where bolly-wood has maximum influence on people, it is but obvious that people would do anything possible to maintain good looks and body. Bariatric surgery is easiest option for those who are looking for easy weight loss without exercising and taking any pain to reduce weight.

However, what we do not know is that bariatric surgery is not a very healthy option, It might reduce fat once but in order to maintain the same body mass you must work-out harder so that you don’t over-gain fat. Also surgery’s should be treated as a last refuge to any problem not an option. It is better to exercise and cut down on junk to see significant results than to opt for something that might change you forever in many ways. Body is our temple and we should not let anything damage it.

Change from Nutrition to habits: It is possible that you have cut down on sugar, fat, soda and everything unhealthy but still putting on weight. You might wonder how is that possible. Well, it is not always about what you eat, it is also about how you eat and what you are doing to digest what you have eaten. To know more about food you must know about nutrition but it is habits that tell you how to translate your nutrition to behaviour.

There are only three factors that determine healthy nutrition:

  • Proportion: Quantity of the food you eat can show you how much your body actually requires and how much do you provide it with.
  • Variety: different things in different meals not only make the meals interesting but provide you with every single vitamin and protein that can prove healthy.
  • Moderation: Eat only when you are hungry, not on the clock ticks or your mood swings.

If you are able to understand these points you will sure be able to take a step ahead towards better health.


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