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Benefits Of Lassi Or Buttermilk in Summer Season

The Summer Season is the most unlikable season in India because of its outcomes such as Sweating, Mosquitos, etc. The people start searching the ways to deal with it as it becomes difficult for all of us to move outside in such hot conditions. People are very much conscious about their health these days so they start searching all over the internet to find an easy way to deal with it.

During the Summer Season, it is better to intake large amount of water everyday to meet the body demand. Also, the people tries to consume those things which cool the body in a certain way. So, we can refer you one such thing which will give you some kind of respite from warm weather. Yes, we are talking about “Lassi” or “Buttermilk”. Drinking a glass of Lassi everyday will give you lot of respite from heat. Also, there is no other alternative of Lassi in terms of taste and flavour along with its number of advantages.

Benefits of drinking Lassi :

  1. The Lassi is a great source of Calcium which helps in strengthening the bones and teeth of your body.
  2. Drinking a glass of Lassi everyday also keep the level of your blood sugar in balance.
  3. During Summer season, it is the best way to deal with the heat stroke as it helps in reducing the body heat.
  4. Lassi is enriched with large amount of protein which helps in repairing the body cells and body muscle. It results into sound and healthy body.

Who Should not Drink Lassi ?

Lassi has great taste and benefits but its does not suits to all the people. The people who suffers with diabetes should not in take it. Also, the people who are working hard to shred their extra kilos should dring it without adding sugar in it. Otherwise, it will add up to increase their weight. In case, if anyone has blood pressure problem, then he or she must drink Lassi by adding salt in it. The people who are suffering with gasteric and acidity issues should not drink Lassi at night time as it will create more problems for them.

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