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Healthy Foods That Contain The Right Kind of Fat

Written by Sumit Sharma

Should I eat fat free food? healthy food to eat to lose belly fat, eat vitamin rich foods, foods keep your heart healthy: Do you feel that healthy foods are very boring and dull? Are foods like bacon, eggs, cheese bread, butter, milk out of question? Are these foods fattening? Nope. These are the healthy fats which are extremely nutritious. Fats protect the cells of our body through various diseases thus keeping them immune. There are good fats and bad fats when it comes to food thus it is very essential to choose the right kind of fat for your body. It is important to choose our diet properly based on the sources since the food that we eat make us what we are. In order to be in excellent shape and health, we must eat foods that trigger the healthy fats in our body.

Pasture raised meat have more Omega-3 acids and less fats than farm fed factory meat. They are rich in vitamins like E and A and contain various different antioxidants. The meat that is usually greasy in mouth with a distinctly rich flavor is usually the best quality pasture raised meat.

Just like children with more outdoor activity are stronger the chickens that are allowed to run around the pastures, bathing in the sun and scratching in the dirt lay eggs which are extremely rich in Vitamins like D and A and omega-3 acids. These eggs also have lesser cholesterol and fat than the farm processed eggs. Good eggs are harder to crack with yolk of a deep orange color.

Personally there is nothing better than the raw whole milk of cow which is allowed to graze on the grass all day long. This milk is packed with enzymes which help in digestion and increase the capacity of gut to absorb more nutrients. Same goes for pastured butter and mind you this one is a tastier option than our factory processed milk.

Whole grain wheat products have high level of fat soluble vitamins. It is more nutritious than the all-purpose flour products. Whole grain is a nutrition powerhouse and must be included in every diet plan.

Naturally fatty fishes like salmon, lake trout, sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which can help keep your heart healthy and brain sharper.

Contrary to the believe that avocado’s increase weight, they actually contain fats which are extremely good for health. Avocados contain naturally good fats that make it a very beneficial plant food to eat. In fact 75% of the fat in avocados is good fat known as mono unsaturated fats which are a great substitute for saturated and Trans fats. Along with this they are also sodium free and contain 0% cholesterol.

Give your body the best building blocks and you will have a strong body and immune system. This not only makes you a healthier person but also reduces the risk of chronic and acute diseases. Our body is our face to the world and it should be must be most important to us and it is our duty to keep it healthy and fit. We must adopt food and practices that helps our body to develop strength and immunity.

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