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Steps to Lose Weight Without Dieting and Exercise

Do you want to lose weight without dieting?, Ways to lose weight without dieting, How to lose weight fast, How to lose weight without dieting for teenagers: Obesity is the biggest problem in today’s world for most of the people due to their sitting jobs and unhealthy food eating habits. So, the people always look out for ways to overcome it. we have mentioned below few steps that you can take now to melt those excess kilos away without dieting!. These are as follows:

NEVER LET YOURSELF GET TOO HUNGRY: When hunger strikes you’ll eat almost anything you can get your hands on. You should be prepared for these hunger strikes, always carry some healthy snack like an apple, almonds, protein bars etc.The body secretes the hormone, Ghrelin, which controls hunger and drives appetite. The best way to keep it in check is to eat small balanced meals every three hours.

ADD PLENTY OF COLOURED FOODS TO YOUR PLATE: More colours you have on your plate the more nutrients they contain. Colourful fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, which are healthy and act as anti-aging agents for your skin. Focus on nutrients rather than calories and ensure every meal contains carbs, protein and healthy fats. A good balance of these nutrients will help gain energy and loose fat as well as keep you full for longer.

STAY WELL HYDRATED: Water is the best option to keep you hydrated and helps aid fat loss as well as flushing out any toxins in your body. Aim for 2 litres a day and add a slice of lemon or some mint springs to give some flavour. Skip out diet drinks,two cans of diet coke can cause the waistline to increase 50% more. The artificial sweeteners disrupt the body’s ability to regulate the energy intake based on the sweetness of food. Diet foods can also cause you to overeat. Burn body fat with Green tea by drinking it twice a day.

COOK MORE MEALS AT HOME: It is well known that takeaway meals are usually not a healthy and certainly not healthier than home cooked food. If you suffer from a very busy lifestyle try cooking meals in advance even if the meal is for 2 days together. It will also help you keep a record of what you eat and it has been shown that for those people who keep a record of what they ate lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. Tracking your foods, moods and appetite can help you understand your eating patterns.

GET YOUR SLEEP: Sleep-deprived people can gain up to 1.5 kg more than those people that regularly get a good nights sleep. Even a few sleep deprived nights can add extra weight. Never compromise on sleep, it is very essential to sleep well in order to live healthy.

EAT A CORRECT POST-GYM MEAL: After your workout, eat a whole food meal, which contains plenty of protein. Eggs, spinach, mushrooms or sprouted grain bread is a great option or a good quality protein shake and a small piece of fruit.

DISCARD PACKAGED FOODS: Try to eat more whole, natural foods than those in a package. The only exception to this is frozen vegetables, which are good to go. Limit sauces and experiment more with spices to add flavour to foods. If you have to buy a packaged food, aim for one with no more than 6 ingredients and thats as natural as you can get.

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