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IGNOU B.Com Elective Courses

ignou elective courses, ignou bachelor of commerce elective courses: The Indira Gandhi National Open University has included three course components in Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) programme. i.e Foundation Courses, Application Oriented courses and Elective courses. Out of these three different category of courses, first two categories are common for all the Bachelor Degree Programmes. But the Elective courses are different for all the Bachelor Degree programmes.

 The IGNOU B.Com Elective courses are the third and last component of this Bachelor Degree Programme. These are the core courses which has been included in this component and these are designed and developed in such as way that it provides the enough knowledge about the programme. Each of the IGNOU Bachelor of Commerce Elective course is of worth 4 Credit each. The learner has to select at least 56 Credits or 64 Credits (not less than 48 credits from Commerce). We have mentioned below the list of elective courses required to be completed to get the degree:

IGNOU B.Com Elective Courses

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
ECO 1 Business Organization 4
ECO 2 Accountancy-1 4
ECO 3 Management Theory 4
ECO 5 Mercantile Law 4
ECO 6 Economic Theory 4
ECO 7 Elements of Statistics 4
ECO 8 Company Law 4
ECO 9 Money, Banking & Financial Institutions 4
ECO 10 Elements of Costing 4
ECO 11 Elements of Income Tax 4
ECO 12 Elements of Auditing 4
ECO 13 Business Environment 4
ECO 14 Accountancy-II 4


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