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IGNOU B.Sc. Online Admission – Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science

Ignou B.Sc. Online Admission

The Indira Gandhi National Open University’s School of Sciences (SOS) has designed and developed the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) programme for the students who want to pursue higher education in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The University has been offering admission to degree to the students from all over the country. It is a three year degree programme which means the term end examination for IGNOU B.Sc. first year subjects will be held in the month of December for the students who takes admission in January session.

The students who will apply for admission to B.Sc. in July session can appear for next June term end examination. The students need to complete all the required courses within the minimum duration of three years and maximum duration of six years to obtain the degree.

Ignou B.Sc. Admission Details

We have mentioned below the various details of Bachelor of Science programme such as eligibility criteria, duration, age limit. These are as follows:

  • Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi
  • Admission Eligibility : The candidate must be having 12th pass with science subjects or its equivalent qualification.
  • Course Duration:  The minimum duration is 3 years and maximum duration is 6 years to complete all the courses.
  • Programme Fee: The total fee is Rs.10,500/- which has to be paid @Rs.3,500/- per year.

Note : The programme fee may change in future, so please check the latest fee with the IGNOU Regional Centre or see latest prospectus.

Programme Coordinator

In case of any query, you can contact the coordinator of the discipline at following contact details. Prof. S.S. Hasan, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, , [email protected], , [email protected], Ph: 011-29572810

Scheme of Study

The students who take admission to B.Sc. degree has to complete all the required 96 credits to complete in three years where in each year the students can take 32 credits. You can choose elective courses worth a minimum of 8 credits and a maximum of 48 credits in any one of the four Science disciplines.

You can choose 56 or 64 credits of elective courses from a minimum of two Science disciplines and a maximum of four Science disciplines. Of the total credits opted in elective courses in Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences disciplines, at least 25% must be from the laboratory courses.

The year wise scheme of study is shown in the following table :

Year of Study Foundation Courses Elective Courses Application Oriented Courses Total Credits
1st Year 16 Credits as under 16 credits 32 credits
i) FST 1 8 Credits
ii) FEG 1 Or FHD 2 4 Credits
iii) FEG 2 or BHDF 101 4 Credits
Or any one of MILs
BPHE 101, BPHE 102,
BPHL 103, PHE 4,5,6
CHE 1,2,3(L),5,7(L),8(L)
LSE 1,2,3,4(L)
MTE 1,2,4,5,6
2nd Year 8 Credits 24 Credits 32 Credits
BSHF 101 BPHE 101, BPHE 102, BPHL 103, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8(L), 9, 10, 15 CHE 1,2,3(L),4,5,6,7(L),8(L),9,11(L) & MTE 3 LSE 1,2,3,4(L),5,6,7,8(L) & MTE 3 MTE 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
3rd Year 16 Credits or 24 Credits 8 Credits or 16 Credits 32 Credits
BPHE 101, BPHE 102, BPHL 103,4,5, 6,7,8(L), 9,10,11, 12(L),13,14,15,16 CHE 1,2,3(L),4,5,6,7(L),8(L),9,10, 11(L), 12(L) & MTE 3 LSE 1,2,3,4(L),5,6,7,8(L)9,10,11(L), 12,13, 14(L) & MTE 3 MTE 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14
Total Credits 24 Credits 64 Credits or 56 Credits 8 Credits or 16 Credits 96 Credits

The students can purse their B.Sc. degree in two ways i.e. BSc. (Major) and B.Sc. (General). The explanation for both types has been mentioned below:

  • B.Sc. (Major): The learners who are interested in doing specialization in any particular discipline in depth, then he can choose to do B.Sc. (Major) with one of the following subjects and select the courses accordingly: Physics, Chemistry, Life Science and Mathematics. After completing the bachelor degree programme in science discipline, the students can pursue for postgraduate studies for same discipline.
  • B.Sc. (General): It is not necessary to choose any particular discipline to pursue the bachelor of science. So, the learner can do the B.Sc. (General) by selecting different courses from all the available disciplines. If you select maximum credits from same discipline, then you might not end up with enough knowledge in any of the disciplines. So, it is advised to carefully select the courses.

How to Apply for Ignou B.Sc. admission online?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers admission to Bachelor of Science programme in January and July academic cycle along with many other courses. There are large number of learners in India who want to pursue the higher education via distance mode.

So, every year the large number of students apply for admission to bachelor degree programmes. The students can fill up IGNOU admission form in both January and July academic cycles. The university publish the advertisement or notification related to the admission in month of November for January session and in the month of May for July session.

The students can check the notification for last date of admission.The details about the admission form and prospectus etc. can be checked and download from the university official website at There are two ways in which interested candidates can apply for admission to distance learning bachelor degree course. These are as follows :

Online mode: The university has launched its Online Admission portal for the learners from all over the country to fill up IGNOU Online Admission form. We have mentioned below the step you need to follow while applying for IGNOU Online admission.

  • Please open the website url :
  • Visit the “Apply Online” link at the top menu. Under this link, you will find the link “General Instructions” as sub menu. Just click on it and read out all the instructions carefully before filling up the online admission form for Bachelor Degree programme.
  • On the General Instructions page, you will find a link to download the latest “Common Prospectus”.It is advised to read out the prospectus carefully so that you will able to understand the complete details about the IGNOU B.Sc. programme.
  • The applicants need to register themselves on the website to fill up the admission application form.
  • The Application fee can be paid via Bank challan, Debit Card, Credit card or Net Banking.
  • After submitting up the application form and fees, please take the print out of the acknowledgement page for further reference.

Offline Mode: In the offline mode, the students need to visit their nearest IGNOU Regional Centre and obtain the IGNOU prospectus by paying fee of Rs.200/- in cash at the counters. The students can also obtain the prospectus via post by sending a Demand Draft of Rs.250/- in favour of IGNOU, New Delhi to the following address: “REGISTRAR, Student Registration Division, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068″.

The students can also download the prospectus from the university official website.The IGNOU B.Sc. admission application form can be cut from the prospectus itself. The applicant need to submit the filled in application form on a prescribed format, demand draft of required fee and required attested documents in the respected regional centre.

IGNOU B.Sc. Admission / Registration Status: The students will be able to check the registration status of the Bachelor of Science on the university official website after the two weeks from the day of submission of admission form. In case you do not find your admission status, please contact your regional centre  by visiting there or by speaking to them on phone.

IGNOU B.Sc. Study Material

The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides study material to all the students who take admission to Bachelor of Science in the form of study blocks. The university provides the study material at the students communication physical address via Registered post / Speed Post. All these study blocks are printed by university itself.

Sometimes, the students do not receive their study material at their address. But they don’t need to worry as they can collect their study books from their respected study centres.

The soft copy of the study blocks are also uploaded by university online for the student’s convenience in case, if they do not receive their study material. You can always download the IGNOU B.Sc. study material in the form of PDF files by visiting the website at

IGNOU B.Sc. Courses & Syllabus

The students has to pass out total of 96 credits @ 32 credits per year to successfully complete the degree programme in minimum three years.We have mentioned below the list of courses with the Course name and Course Codes.

To complete 96 credits, the learners have to choose the credits from three different categories : (1) Foundation Course (2) Elective Courses and (3) Application-Oriented Courses

Programme Foundation Courses Elective Courses Application Oriented Courses 24 Credits 56 Credits or 64 Credits from Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physics (At least 25% of the total credits in Physics, Chemistry & Life Science have to be obtained from Laboratory Courses) 16 or 8 Credits

Note: Along with these courses, the learner has to study an awareness course on environment namely – ‘An Introduction to the Environment’ (NEV1).

To check the all the IGNOU courses which comes under the above mentioned three categories, Please click on the link mentioned below:

IGNOU Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Elective Courses

IGNOU B.Sc. Mathematics Courses

Course Code Title of the Course Credits
MTE 1 Calculus 4
Elementary Algebra (To be taken together)
Analytical Geometry
MTE 5 2
MTE 2 Linear Algebra 4
MTE 6 Abstract Algebra 4
MTE 7 Advanced Calculus 4
MTE 8 Differential Equations 4
MTE 9 Real Analysis 4
MTE 10 Numerical Analysis 4
MTE 11 Probability and Statistics 4
MTE 12 Linear Programming 4
MTE 13 Discrete Mathematics 4
MTE 14 Mathematical Modelling 4

IGNOU B.Sc. Physics Courses

BPHE 101
Elementary Mechanics (To be taken together)
Oscillations and Waves
BPHE 102 2
BPHL 103 Physics Laboratory-I 4
Mathematical Methods in Physics-I (To be taken together)
Mathematical Methods in Physics-II
PHE 5 2
PHE 6 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 4
PHE 7 Electric and Magnetic Phenomena 4
PHE 8L Physics Laboratory-II 4
PHE 9 Optics 4
PHE 10 Electrical Circuits and Electronics 4
PHE 11 Modern Physics 4
PHE 12L Physics Labroatory-III 4
PHE 13 Physics of Solids 4
PHE 14 Mathematical Methods in Physics-III 4
PHE 15 Astronomy and Astrophysics 4
PHE 16 Communication Physics 4

IGNOU B.Sc. Chemistry Courses

Atoms and Molecules (To be taken together)
Chemistry Laboratory-I
CHE 3L 2
CHE 2 Inorganic Chemistry 4
CHE 4 Physical Chemistry 4
CHE 5 Organic Chemistry 4
CHE 6 Organic Reaction Mechanism 4
Chemistry Laboratory-II (To be taken together)
Chemistry Laboratory-III
CHE 8L 2
CHE 9 Biochemistry 4
CHE 10 Spectroscopy 4
CHE 11L Chemistry Laboratory-IV 4
CHE 12L Chemistry Laboratory-V 4
MTE 3 Mathematical Methods 4

IGNOU B.Sc. (Life Science) Courses

LSE 1 Cell Biology 4
LSE 2 Ecology 4
LSE 3 Genetics 4
LSE 4L Laboratory Course-I 4
LSE 5 Physiology 4
LSE 6 Developmental Biology 4
LSE 7 Taxonomy and Evolution 4
LSE 8L Laboratory Course-II 4
Animal Diversity-I (To be taken together)
Animal Diversity-II
Animal Diversity Laboratory
LSE 10 6
LSE 11L 4
LSE 12
Plant Diversity-I (To be taken together)
Plant Diversity-II
Plant Diversity Laboratory
LSE 13 6
LSE 14L 4

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