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ignou regional centre code, list, websitesThe Indira Gandhi National Open University serves the educational aspirations of about 1.5 million students in India today. The university has established its IGNOU Regional Centres in order to coordinate university functions. The Regional Centres, IGNOU-Army recognised Regional centres, IGNOU-Navy recognised Regional centres and IGNOU-Assam Rifles recognised Regional centres all are established with the motive of promoting the university worldwide. All these centres take care of the promotion of open University system, development of the university, maintenance and monitoring of study centres and student support services.

Also IGNOU Regional centre of a particular region is responsible for the organisation of staff development programmes confined to that particular region. According to section 2 (J) of IGNOU act “Regional Centre” is defined as the centre which is established by the university, in particular, to coordinate and supervise the proper functioning of study centres of that particular region in which the Regional centre is established.

How to establish IGNOU Regional Centre ?

Initially to develop any such regional centre it requires support and cooperation from the respective State Government. There should be at least one regional centre of IGNOU per state as per the perspective plan.

Functions of IGNOU Regional Centre:

There are 4 major functions defined for IGNOU Regional centre. These are as follows:

  • To offer IGNOU programmes through a wide network of centres.
  • To promote and develop open learning system and create awareness for open learning among people.
  • To provide better student support services in the region by building an efficient and effective open learning environment in study centres.
  • To provide an effective liaison among the government, institutions and students of the region on the one hand and IGNOU on the other.


The IGNOU Regional centres can also be called as the sub-offices of the university which manage all the practical purposes and intended to act as a main resource centre of the university in respective regions. Regional centre is the one and only place which is easily accessible to the students, coordinators, counsellors and other functionaries to express their views or to get any query resolved easily without running here and there. Checking of student’s assignment, if needed is carried out in the regional centre of that region itself. Hence the Regional centres are equipped with the facilities mentioned below:

  • Library course material
  • Audio/video cassettes
  • Computers
  • Tele/Fax
  • TV/VCR
  • Wi-Fi etc.

List of IGNOU Regional Centres:

For the student’s convenience, we have provided below the link to regional centre websites according to the name of the cities where they have been established in India. Also, we have appended the Regional Centre Code with the website links. These are mentioned below:


This is a brief idea about IGNOU regional centres. I hope it will help you in knowing about the regional centres of IGNOU around you, how to reach out these centres and how to use the facilities effectively, provided to you by the open learning university. Keep reading our articles for more help and knowledge.

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