Ignou Grade Card 2017- BA, BDP, BCA, MA, M.COM, B.Ed, M.Sc.

Ignou Grade card updateIgnou grade card consists of all the required information such as marks obtained in theory examination, assignments, practicals, project work. The Indira Gandhi National Open University compiles the result of all the students in the form of grade card. The marks are mentioned on the grade card either in the numeric form or alphabetical grades. Also, check out Ignou BA Grade Card

The university conducts the term end examination in every six months i.e. June and December for various programmes such as Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, Diploma, and Certificate, etc. So, the Ignou result for these examinations is also declared by the university twice in a year.

Ignou grade card status for all the students is also updated in every six months. In between, it is also updated when the university updates the assignment, practical or project marks.

As we mentioned above, the university conducts the examination for most of its programmes in June and December months. Some of the programmes for which the university conducts the Term End examination are as follows : BDP, BA, BCA, MCA, Master of Business Administration (MBA), B.Sc, BTS, BNS, DNS, BAFD, BAFMP, BIHM, BBARS, B.ED, BTCM, BTWRE, BTME, BLIS, BTAE, B.Arch, BTELVI, BSCFWT, BBARL, MP, MP(B&F), MADE, MSW, MBAFT, MA(EDU), M.Ed, MA(DE), MAAN, MIPL(Army), MEG, MBARS, MHD, MAH, MPS, MPA, MEC, MSO, MARD, MAPC, etc. The IGNOU Grade Card is updated by the university for students for all these programmes mentioned above.

The university updates the student’s IGNOU result grade card with the marks obtained by them in Term End Theory Examinations, Tutor Marked Assignments, Term End practicals and Project work. The marks for the practicals and project work is updated in the grade card only for the programmes in which these are mandatory courses.

IGNOU Grade Card, IGNOU Grade Card Status:

For some programmes, the IGNOU Grade Card consists of marks whereas in others the university updates the card with the grades such as A, B, C, D, E. Later On, The university replace these grades with the marks in the final mark sheet which is sent to the students in the form of hard copy at their communication address.

Students pursuing various disciplines from this Open and Distance Learning University cannot consider any course to be complete without attaining the passing marks in both theory paper and assignment related to it.

They need to obtain the minimum passing marks in both IGNOU Term End Theory Examination and its assignments for any particular course. Any programme is said to be completed only when the status in front of all the required courses is mentioned as ‘Completed’ in the grade card.

We have provided the forms below where students can check their final grade card for different courses. The students need to enter their enrollment number and select programme from the drop down menu to check the status.

Select Programme Code :
Enter your 9 Digit Enrollment Number:
IGNOU Grade Card for Other Programmes
Select Programme Code :
Enter Your 9 Digit Enrollment Number :

There are three grading systems in which the students can read their IGNOU Result grade card i.e. letter grade, qualitative level, and point grade. These three different types of grading system are applied in case of different programmes for representing result of term end examinations, assignments, practicals, projects and term-end examinations in the grade card.

We have provided below the detail about these grading systems:

  • Letter Grade System – The IGNOU use the letters  such as A, B, C, D, E to E  in the result grade card to represent the marks obtained by students for that particular course. Again every letter grade has its interpretation of ‘qualitative level’.
  • Qualitative level – The letter grades mentioned above can be set to different qualitative categories e.g. the student who has obtained the “A” grade in any course will be represented in qualitative level as “Excellent”. In the same way, B represents the “Very good”, C as “Good”, D as “Satisfactory” and E as “Unsatisfactory”.
  • Point grade – In point grading system, 5- is considered as ‘Excellent’, 4-“Very Good”, 3-“Good”, 2-“Satisfactory”, and 1-“Unsatisfactory”.

We have provided below the representation of the three different grading system in tabular form so that you can easily correlate them:

Letter GradeQualitative LevelPoint Grade
BVery Good4

Note: There is also a grade card ‘Z’ which is assigned to the course in the grade card in which the student has not written anything in both the theory examinations answer sheet and the tutor marked assignments.

The university sends the grade card to students in the form of a hard copy via post. In case, if any student lost, misplaced or damaged it, he or she can apply for the duplicate Grade Card by paying a fee of Rs.150/- in the form of Demand Draft(DD) which has to be made in favour of IGNOU payable at “New Delhi”. The Duplicate grade card application format with rules and regulations mentioned on it is available in the Student Handbook or Programme Guide or you can download it from the university official website at www.ignou.ac.in

The Ignou Duplicate grade card application format with rules and regulations mentioned on it is available in the Student Handbook or Programme Guide or you can download it from the university official website at www.ignou.ac.in

How to Check your IGNOU Grade Card on the official website?

  • Please visit the university website at: www.ignou.ac.in
  • At Homepage, you need to follow this path: Home -> Student Zone ->Results ->Grade Card
  • There are two links mentioned on this page where one link is to check grade card for programmes such as BCA/MCA/MP/MPB and other link publish the result grade card other remaining disciplines.
  • You need to select your Program and enter the nine-digit Enrolment Number and click on the “Submit” button to check your grade card.
  • Save it to the computer for future reference.

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